Japan Nuclear Tragedy: Devastated But Not Pessimistic

(Tuban, 9/8/17) In the midst of UNSC conference, the whole council was deeply saddened to receive the news that a nuclear missile inevitably hit the country of Japan, leaving the once prosperous country demolished as well as killing five million civilians as a result. The conference turned to chaos especially after it was revealed Iran was the perpetrator of this disaster, supposedly being the country that authorized the launching of the nuclear missile.

In an exclusive interview with the delegate of Japan, when inquired regarding immediate reaction, he stated “Civilian evacuation is the priority in every dangerous situation like this”. Further adding, “When Japan was hit in Hiroshima and Nagasaki the entire world were quite pessimistic that Japan can survive, but here we are, the second largest country in the UN, we are economic powerhouse in East Asia. We are devastated by the amount of casualties, but we are not a pessimistic country”.

Many states within the UNSC council offered help in all sorts of forms, starting with Iran who has agreed to give Japan 1.2% of entire oil revenue, Germany giving japan grand scholarships for one million students to study in Germany, Saudi Arabia agreed to donate 100 million US$ to rebuild infrastructure, Brazil agreed to give Japan humanitarian aid in agriculture products, and many more. In regards to Iran’s objective in destroying Japan, “it was to push the US to fall and develop their agenda because people during pressured moments do not think clearly, and Iran knows this, they took advantage of it perfectly to pressure USA”.

The delegate further added, “We don’t hold grudges, and instead we just already make a fruitful alliance between not just one but all of the countries here”. Despite being in catastrophic state, Japan still seemed to wish the best for the future of world peace, later at the same day it was revealed that UNSC is suspended, but Japan is still emphasizes that its optimistic. “Whatever happens it will continue forward to not just fell down just because UNSC is gone. Keep fighting and find a better solution for the future”.

The Real News expresses its utter condolences in regards to the tragedy that occurred, and we wish the best for Japan to have a speedy recovery in all sectors. (TASYA IRAWAN, KOMANG AGUS ADI, ADINDA CAHYANI – The Real News)