India’s Desire to Reform UNSC

(TUBAN, 9/8/2017) Today is the second day when the BALI WORLD MODEL UNITED NATIONS (BWMUN) is held. In The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) chamber, they were discussing about how to overcome the world crisis “The Dawn of the Third World War”. This crisis is set in the year 2066. On the conference, the delegates are starting to express their opinions about The Third World War that occured in 2066.

In the first session, the delegates of India argues that the UNSC is no longer effective because the evidence after the first world war and second, is now exploding third world war. They also said that we have to think about what’s wrong with UNSC. We have to think what we should do right now. Can we still believe with UNSG?

India advices to reform UNSC in order to have a better council by eliminating the members of P5. However, the opinions of India still get a lot of opposition from other countries especially by the members of P5. The member of P5 such as, USA; Russia; China; UK and France replied to the statements from India with many reasons that are not less assertive. They said that reforming UNSC is not effective because it doesn’t guarantee that it will be better than the previous UNSC and it will take a lot of time while the war is very urgent. Other countries such as Japan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Belarus advices not to rush reforming UNSC, but it’s better to increase good cooperation between countries in UNSC to improve the performance of UNSC.

Nevertheless, India remains strong with it’s statement because they believe that always a problem regarding a world war crisis. They said we can see it in many situation such in Africa and Middle East, many situation leads to nothing but more destruction because the UNSC is not very effective. There’s always a futile power. That’s why we urge to eliminate P5 to create a resolution without any bounderies.

(Mita Dewi, The Real News Agency)