Funding Mechanism to Sustain World Heritage Sites


(TUBAN,9/8/17) On this graceful day, The 3rd Bali World Model United Nation (BWMUN) has just begun. As the first session started, delegates of each country such as France, People’s Republic of China, Republic of Canada, Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, Kingdom of Thailand, The Republic of The Sudan, United State of America, Arab Republic of Egypt, The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, The Italian Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, and let us not forget United Kingdom, gather here today at UNESCO (United Nation Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) Chamber  at Swiss-BelHotel Tuban, Bali discussing about The Funding Mechanism and World Heritage Sites.

Each countries delegates had already voiced their own perspective regarding to this issues, many of the delegates such as Malaysia stated that UNESCO Council must consider the condition of each countries, not all of the countries are developed yet and not all of them have a high economic income and it has to be equal. Also the other member states such as United Kingdom stated that UNESCO Council must set a minimum standard amount of each countries based each countries’ GDP.

Others such as China claimed that UNESCO Council must donate, contribute more and open donation from government organization, multinational companies to build an educational center and focused on the most important matters. Other delegates also claimed that we should examine each countries’ involvement on maintaining and fix their World Heritage Sites and also each country must be responsible to their countries’ conflict area. Also Egypt claimed about how each country should promote their World Heritage Sites’ tourism to gain more money for World Heritage Sites’ own funding. Although most of them stated that UNESCO Council must consider realocated to a better program that is more suitable to the cultural development.

They were two unmoderated caucuses in one session, in which they discussed about Funding Mechanism and World Heritage Sites. Although not every member states has voiced their opinion on this matter, still the discussion in the Chamber made a pleasing ilation. We hope this discussion will find a decent solution on the next session. (MIKHAEL KUSUMA, THE REAL NEWS)